We are all mad here.

Emilie Autumn - Asylum army full video.

" Dearest Fellow Inmates!!!
I’ve only just returned home from a brilliant and beautiful four-date tour (if you were in our audience of Plague Rats on any of these dates, thank you endlessly for giving me a home and a family!), and I happen to have snagged from the Asylum Headmistress some exclusive on-stage footage of our concerts.
Now, I know YouTube will most likely have our complete shows up by now, you little devils;), but this footage is not only high-quality, but is shot from ON STAGE, and so featured angles you would NEVER otherwise see. Costumes, choreography, and communication between performers are far more visible, and, if you happen to be into theatrical performance yourself, this is the stuff you can really study and perhaps even learn something from. Just sayin’…
Enjoy the first of two vids I am currently in secret possession of, and check back tomorrow for the second…
With love from your Fellow Inmate, EA. “